Happy October Glue-Girls!

Today we’re going to talk about a fun and simple way to personalize your planner. First, why do you need a planner? As a caregiver, you have a lot of responsibilities. Work, kids, caregiving, medical appointments, bills to pay… the list goes on. I absolutely love my iPhone for keeping track of important dates and reminding me of upcoming appointments. My husband and I can see the appointments that have been added and it’s a great tool to keep families on the same page. The reason why I love having a notebook planner in addition to my iPhone is I love to scribble notes and “extras” in my planner. It is like an extension of my brain. So, I use my planner to write down much more than just appointments.


Here at She Is The Glue, we believe in cultivating our joy. A great way that I’ve found to do that is: stickers! If you think I’m crazy for acting like a twelve year old, you might be surprised to know that there is quite the market for stickers made specifically FOR planners. As bullet journals are becoming increasingly popular (check them out on Pinterest if you haven’t already), stickers are increasing in popularity among adults too. They are inexpensive, allow you to customize your planner, and add beauty to your day. You can even purchase stickers created specifically for veteran caregivers! (Check out the VA appointment and Caregiver stickers from New Rosie here). I’m a big fan.

Adding stickers is my “busy girl” way of having a bullet journal. I’m sharing a page of my planner with you to show you how I do it:

I use my planner for meal plans, gift reminders, to draw my attention to important reminders, and to find the joy in simple things. (In the photo, you can see Saturday was a CRAZY BUSY day, and I planned on stopping at Dunkin’ Donuts (aka “Dunkies” or “Dunks” in New England) for a pumpkin spice coffee first. I was looking forward to it in the days leading up to Saturday, and it was a way to keep simplicity and gratitude in my day.

See? Something as simple as stickers can become a tool in your caregiver arsenal. 🙂

Love and Light,