Try something new!

In college, I used to sign up for one class a semester that I was scared to take. I did this every semester it was possible. I knew that when I stretched outside my comfort zone, it made me grow as a person. Caregivers, Glue-girls: this is something you should do, too. Try something new, outside of your comfort zone.

This week, I am starting an 8-week dance class. I’ll be learning ballet, tap, and jazz. I grew up baton twirling, but these styles of dance are completely new to me. Trust me when I say, these new classes are outside of my comfort zone! You know what, though? It’s great. Going to a class is holding me accountable for self-care.¬†Attending a class, (be it a workout, a pottery class, a musical lesson, whatever), is excellent for accountability. I recall learning in college, how motivated people can be when we put money on the line. By paying for a class, you create accountability, because you want to get your money’s worth!

Try It!

  • Find a class that is a short-term commitment.

I understand it’s difficult to make a long-term commitment to something. I normally do not have the support at home to take an hour class. While my in-laws are staying with us, I’m taking advantage of this limited-time opportunity to try a class.

  • Start with a Google search.

Whatever it is that you’d like to try, someone out there on the internet can help you get started. Do a quick search for a skill you always wanted to try. It can be anything! Maybe you want to learn about beekeeping, or how to make a macaroon. Just choose something NEW. Something that will stretch you outside of your comfort zone. Start small, TODAY, by watching a You Tube video or reading a blog on the skill. If you wanted to try a new language, many companies will let you do a free trial. So you could get started RIGHT NOW.

If you need help finding a way to fit self-care in your life, consider getting on the waitlist for my Conquering Caregiver Course. We will work together to brainstorm and set into motion ideas to get you living a fulfilling life.

Love and positivity,