Today I am going to share how I created my Dreams for 2018 Workbook! After a fun and busy holiday season, I’m always excited to take down our Christmas tree and start preparing for a brand new year. 2017 was no exception. In addition to cleaning the house, I also take time the last week of the year to jot down notes and goals. It’s something that I’ve done for about twenty years now. Not the typical resolutions, like losing weight or going on a diet, but things to be grateful for in the past year, and hopes and dreams for the next year to come.

As I was reflecting on what went well in 2017, I thought of what I was proud of. Our family purchased a home, our children successfully started at a new school, and I launched the summer 2017 version of the Conquering Caregiver Course. In my course, I talk about a process I created call list evaluation. I’m so proud to have found a way to transfer my career skills to teach caregivers how to live a fulfilling life. While I was thinking of the things I’d like to continue to do in the new year, I realized: I should apply the SAME concepts to New Years goal-making!

It was like angels were singing and a light turned on! What a wonderful way to continue to serve wonderful women who are also military caregivers/veteran caregivers.

I got right to work, copying down instructions to what I do and put it together in a pretty package just for my subscribers. That’s how the Dreams for 2018 Workbook was born!

In the workbook, I walk you through exactly HOW to evaluate your past year, and use that data to make effective goals for this year. I wanted this to be a free gift, because I want to enable every woman who is a strong, empowered lady to be able to create an excellent year for herself. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that my workbook will help you create some amazing goals. Caregivers deserve to achieve goals just like anyone else. Dear Glue-Girls, you don’t have to put yourself on the back-burner. You can work to achieve your goals RIGHT NOW, while you are balancing caregiving tasks.

I’m here to help you figure out how.

Love and positive vibes, always,