It’s hard to get started on (some) Monday mornings, even for Miss Roxie, our German Shepherd Dog. She is on the couch. She occasionally opens her eyes, grunts, and goes back to sleep.


As spouses of disabled veterans, we handle challenges every day. We are determined to rise above the devastating effects PTSD, TBI, and other injuries. We’re dedicated to creating happy moments in our lives. We are strong and resilient. So WHY are some Mondays so difficult to get up and get accomplishing?

I’m clinging to my coffee cup as I’m creating this post. I’m also thinking that browsing Facebook at 6:50 AM wasn’t the best way to start my day.

I should have started my day by nurturing my soul. So I’m declaring that tomorrow is going to be a better start. Let’s take 5-10 minutes to nurture our souls each morning. Some ideas to try: prayer, meditation, listening to music, yoga, stretching, or reading a chapter of your favorite book. I hope that we will start tomorrow with positive energy. Keep strong, spouses!