Happy Thursday, spouses!

Yesterday evening, my husband did not feel well and I realized it was an opportunity to see the value that I bring to my family. As I cared for my husband, made dinner, and watched the kids play, I thanked God that I was able to be physically present to care for them all. Caring for my family is a top priority in my life. After all, I named my blog “She Is The Glue” because veteran spouses are the glue to their families!

I’ve been “meditating” on this phrase “the value of a caregiver” this week. (I say it like that, because my thoughts wander and I’m not sure that it qualifies as meditation!) I thought about what advice I would give myself if I could go back a decade or so. It is: “Living authentically, with faith and without fear, will bring you joy. There is real power in honoring your soul and valuing yourself.”

I hope that you, dear fellow veteran spouses, take a quiet moment today to reflect about on how valuable you are. <3

Keep strong, spouses!

<3 Katie