The mission here at She Is The Glue is to promote the balance of caregiving with personal development in order to achieve fulfillment. With that mission in mind, I love to share any resource, tip, or trick that I feel will help you, dear glue-girl. Here is something I’m thrilled to share:

I’ve recently learned about the Elizabeth Dole Foundation through a childhood baton twirling friend, (Thank you, Katie C!). This month, the foundation is celebrating military and veteran caregivers with their campaign “30 Days of Thanks.” I strongly encourage you to head on over to their site and read about the foundation, as well as the work they do to raise awareness for military caregivers through their campaign, Hidden Heroes.

In this spirit of gratitude, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the amazing fellow caregivers that I have crossed paths with. I have met amazing caregivers who use their experience to write blogs, create art, and publish books. The courage of these caregivers to raise awareness by sharing their stories inspires me every day. Caregivers, I am thankful for all of your hard work. I know how difficult life can be for you. I know you’ve probably lost friends who could not understand why you have to cancel plans so often. I bet you’re tired of attending social functions without your “plus one.” I know how hard you are trying to keep “regular” life going with your veteran family. Please remember that the work you are doing is so valuable! The next time you have a day when you feel like you are doing a crummy job, get in touch with me. I will be happy to remind you that you are doing a wonderful job.

Much love, glue-girls,