It this time last year that I started to plan my blog. In 2015, I received great feedback on my Instagram posts encouraging veteran spouse caregivers. When I first got the idea to start a blog, I did not take action right way. I prayed and relied on my intuition for guidance. In the end, I decided to start this wonderful journey and use my experience to help others. I have “met” many wonderful women this past year and I am so thankful to God for these beautiful new friendships. I’m so thankful that God put me on this path to encourage caregivers to seek personal development. I am so thankful for response that She Is The Glue has seen in 2016.

Thank you most sincerely, dear glue-girls, for following along with me this year!

As we finish up this last week of 2016, I am working on my 2017 goals. I hope that you will identify a goal to further your personal development. I’d love to share some of my goals with you! I’m going to learn how to play the violin, practice my calligraphy and my French. (HA! Not the swearing the kind; I’ve got that down pat). The purpose of these goals is to nourish my soul. I’m all about making my spirit happy. Personal Development isn’t just a fancy buzz word to better career skills, it applies to your personal happiness as well.

So what about you? Do you need some help with your 2017 personal development goals? I’m here if you need help!