Here at She Is The Glue, I want to help you live your life in a positive way. Veteran families deserve happiness. Caregivers deserve the chance to develop their lives and grow. At the caregiver talk I gave in November, I was asked a question by someone in the audience: “How do you stay so positive?”

The answer I gave is simple: faith.

My spirituality is what gives me a positive perspective on life. There is an ultimate power in the universe. It does not matter if you call this power God (which I do), Spirit, the universe, consciousness, or something else. Connecting to this higher power can bring you great comfort. (My maternal grandmother once told me; “It does not matter what someone believes, as long as she believes in something.“)

I’d like to add to what my grandmother told me, sweet glue-girls: It doesn’t matter HOW you connect to this higher power, as long as you DO. I practice spiritual activities daily. I pray and practice yoga. I’ve recently starting practicing meditation and learning a little about chakras. I love reading articles and books that strengthen my faith. Connecting with God helps me clarify my life’s purpose. I’m here on this earth to be a caregiver to my husband, raise our children, and do good work as a veteran caregiver advocate and strategist.

I wish for you, dear glue-girl, to find your life purpose too. You don’t have to practice a certain religion or attend a place of worship every week. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Caregivers are busy people. Whatever strengthens your spirituality, do it!

As we’re nearing the very end of 2016, I hope that you can take a few quiet moments to grow your faith. It’s a great example of self-care. Remember, you need to care for your self AND your veteran!

If you are interested in what I love to read, check out She Works His Way here, and Gabby Bernstein’s awesome book “The Universe Has Your Back.” Her site is here.