Good morning glue-girls!

I’ve been asking around how I can best help my fellow caregivers and I’ve received this request more than once: how to deal with frustration. For me, the methods I use vary. Watching a funny show is a great stress reliever, for example, but that is not available to you when you are out in public with your children. Caregivers need to find at least one method that can be available to them at all times. Solution: deep breathing.

Now, let me stop right here. I used to be the very first person to roll my eyes and dismiss the advice “take a deep breath.” It isn’t effective enough, I reasoned. (Actually, I would have shouted: “It doesn’t F-ing work!” in my head).

Enter, Tara Stiles’ book “Strala Yoga.” (Her site is here. Check it out, she is amazing!) I love Tara. I’ve practiced yoga on-and-off for YEARS and was already a fan of Tara. Picking up her newest book was a game changer for me. Reading Strala Yoga has helped me finally learn to use a deep, cleansing breath to my advantage. As a bonus, all of the yoga routines are approachable to everyone. I tried countless yoga, meditation and breathing techniques in the past, and they all felt forced and artificial. Tara’s simple approach made everything click for me. I now use deep breaths throughout my day. I’m able to sit and meditate (that’s a post for later), and I am enjoying yoga more than I have before.

My best piece of advice this morning, if you’re dealing with constant frustration, is to hop over to Tara Stiles’ site and get familiar with her Strala yoga. I hope it helps you improve all areas of your life!