Are you a veteran spouse caregiver desperately looking for a way to balance caregiving tasks with personal development?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your responsibilities and isolated from your neighbors and peers?

Dear sister, you are not alone. I know your struggles, and I’m here to help you.

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m a caregiver strategist. I help veteran spouses develop a plan to manage their demands with their desires. You CAN find a way to fit personal development in your busy life.

It’s my goal to guide a veteran spouse in her journey to fulfill her responsibilities, and still have time to cultivate her joy and nourish her soul. It is entirely possible to live a happy, fulfilling life as a veteran caregiver. You just need the correct “tricks” to put into practice!
If no one has told you yet, allow me to be the first one to say it: the work you are doing for your veteran and family is vital.

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, scared by mysterious symptoms, and unable to find someone who could relate. I know what it’s like to lose friends because they don’t understand what your family is going through. I know what it’s like to feel angered by those “helpful” articles telling you that you don’t understand your husband. I bet you read that article and thought: “Hey, I’m an important member of my family, too.”

I have over a decade experience as a combat-disabled veteran’s wife. Before my husband’s health decline, I spent my career creating organization systems for companies and working to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities. Now I want to use my skills and experience to teach caregivers of veterans, so you can create a “life plan” to support you (and your family’s) health and happiness.

The effort of a veteran spouse is the glue that binds a veteran family together. It is a crucial role.

You are the amazing glue for your family, but no one can do everything on her own, (much as we like to think we can)! That’s why I am here for YOU.

Through our marriage, I’ve learned to use my career skills to help me in my caregiver role. I launched my blog in 2016, and enjoyed sharing strategies one-on-one with veteran spouse caregivers on a small scale. There are so many of us out there who could use this valuable support, that I felt selfish NOT sharing on a larger scale. That’s why I decided the time was right to create a program for caregivers.

The Conquering Caregiver Course will be launching summer 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

Official Bio

From an early age, Katie fervently believed everyone deserves a chance at a quality life regardless of illness or disability. She has always believed in body and mind connection and promoting good health practices. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Bridgewater State University in Physical Education with a concentration in Motor Development Therapy and Adapted Physical Education.

She spent her early career creating organization systems and brainstorming ideas to improve productivity and quality of service, both in the corporate world and human services/physical rehabilitation sector. She thoroughly enjoyed her work helping individuals with disabilities.

After her husband’s health declined, Katie became his full time caregiver. She launched She Is The Glue to continue serving others, helping caregivers improve the quality of their lives while caring for her family. She was honored to be a guest panel speaker at a Massachusetts VA talk on caregiving in 2016.