Are you a classy woman determined to live a happy, healthy caregiver life?

She Is The Glue’s mission is to promote a “can-do” attitude for caregivers; to show a happy, healthy caregiver life is possible.

You deserve to feel understood. Validated. Relieved. Inspired to take action for YOUR life.

Here’s what I believe:

I believe in being brave enough to share the raw, honest truth of caregiver life. I believe in living your purpose. I believe in CREATING a solution to life’s challenges. I believe in caring for your family. I believe in education, in fighter attitudes, and the highest type of womanhood, (I’m a Gamma Phi Beta for life!).

I’m not the right caregiver strategist to work with you if you are into drama, negativity, unfaithfulness, or unwillingness to persevere. My purpose is to serve glue-girls who love and live boldly and faithfully.


Let's work together

How can I help you in your journey?

VA/Doctor Visit and Call Sheet

The Conquering Caregiver Course

One-on-One Caregiver Strategy Sessions

Let’s create your caregiver plan. When life gets hectic, as it undoubtedly will, you will know how focus and what to do to restore balance. Life is all about the ebb and flow. You see it in nature. There is never a perfect balance, but a constant state of ebb and flow. I want you to feel that you can conquer whatever comes your way. We won’t be able to stop the ebb, it’s a natural part of life. However, we can create a plan to get you back to the flow more easily.

The conquering caregiver course is opening this summer. I’m journeying with you to a state of calm confidence.